At CrushON, we believe that there is already enough clothing on earth to avoid producing new ones. Giving a second, third or fourth life to clothes that have been abandoned too quickly in order to gradually eliminate textile waste, that is our mission and that of all our thrift shops and partner designers, who find the best vintage clothes every day !

In order to establish a solid framework to direct our actions towards a positive long-term impact, we wanted to put a figure on the impact that our consumption of second hand fashion can have. Thanks to you and your support, many vintage clothes have been given a second life on CrushON in 2021, saving liters of water and raw materials, while helping to reduce the carbon impact of the textile industry. Today, we are proud to present our second impact report! 🌍💚

94 million liters of water saved by the second hand💧

In our first Impact Report 2021, we used data from the ADEME’s Modelling and Assessment of the Environmental Impacts of Consumer Products and Capital Goods study (2018), which we cross-referenced with the detailed results of the ADEME’s Le Revers de mon Look study (2019), which was based on Fashion Revolution’s Water First, Fashion Second study (2017). We were then able to establish three axes of measurement of CrushON’s impact by favouring second hand over first hand fashion: the number of liters of water saved, the quantity in kilos of raw materials and CO2-equivalent saved. 

Raw materials : 740 tons saved

Water : 94 702 334 liters saved

CO2-equivalent : 480 tonnes not issued 

In 2022, the CrushON team wanted to go further in assessing the overall impact of our community. Based on additional research and industry benchmarks, we realised that accurately analysing the impact of our second hand purchases over fast fashion meant also focusing on (1) the extension of lifespan of clothing and (2) the negative impact of our daily operations.

CrushON is now a B Corporation : After an 8 month process, CrushON is officially certified B Corp since December 2021. Joining this community is an important step as it validates and recognises the impact that our business model inherently generates. With a score of 122.7, CrushON is proud to be the 1st global circular fashion platform in terms of impact. 

A collective but also individual impact 👫

This positive impact for the planet has been achieved thanks to you, who each individually decided to transform your textile consumption towards more sustainable horizons. Have you bought vintage clothes or even several this year on CrushON? You saved an average of 11,810 liters of water (the equivalent of 196 showers). Have you sold vintage clothes this year on CrushON? You saved an average of 72,847 litres of water (the equivalent of 1,214 showers). 

In short, whether you’re crushing on a pair of beautiful vintage Levi’s jeans (which can take up to 7500L of water to produce and sell first hand!), upcycling your own old clothes, or supporting upcycling designers, our personal consumption has an impact, and it has to be positive. Congratulations to all Crushers and the CrushON Family for your wonderful contribution, thank you for your support and your daily commitment!

A daily commitment

At CrushON, our commitment is an integral part of our daily work. Through B Corp and Zei, we will continue to communicate our progress on a recurring basis. Impact targets for 2022 will also be added to our B Corp & Zei profiles so you can follow them at any time! Our main goal for 2022 is to reach the symbolic milestone of 250 million litres of water, 1500 tons of raw materials saved, and 1000 tons of CO2-equivalent not emitted!

Today, CrushON supports more than 1,300 thrift shops and independent designers in their professionalisation and their digitalisation. We help them to develop their business so that they can make a living from their passion thanks to an online and physical presence. Together, we want to democratize vintage so that it becomes the first responsible consumption alternative to the overproduction of the textile industry! ♻️

Les règles pour un dépôt réussi
  1. Vêtements vintages uniquement. 
  2. Maximum de 5 pièces par dépôt.
  3. Vous gagnez 50% du prix H.T. du vêtement
  4. Nous fixons les tarifs de revente ensemble !

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