As you know, buying second hand is the best ecological, economical and social choice. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find good vintage pieces, especially when you don’t order it on CrushON, but decide to go to a thrift store. We have already offered you 5 tips to be sure that a vintage piece is worth its price; and today we offer you 4 ways to know if the piece you have in your hands is really a vintage piece. 

1. The importance of the materials

The first thing to check when you have a garment in your hands is the material with which it is composed. Indeed, the first clue is that if it is made of 100% of the same material, it has a better chance of being vintage. In addition, vintage pieces are rarely made of nylon or other elastane, but rather natural materials such as wool, cotton or silk.

2. Made In France

It is essential to check the country of manufacture on vintage pieces, especially if you are looking for vintage dating from before the 1990s. Indeed, at that time there was no relocation of production in Asian countries and a large majority of clothing was therefore Made in France.

3. The label, a gold mine of information

When you are looking for a vintage piece, your best ally is the label. It contains the name and the logo of the brand for example. If you know the name but not the logo, do not hesitate to check if you are not in front of an old logo of the brand, which would show that you are in front of vintage. Also, the labels may contain a serial number, which is a very good indicator of authenticity. Another important piece of information that the label gives you is the size. If it doesn’t match today’s standards, it’s probably a vintage piece. Finally, pay attention to the typography and mistakes on the labels, especially for the interior labels.

4. The devil is in the details

The most important thing in the search for vintage clothing is the attention to small details. Finishes, buttons, seams, are all evidence of the age of a garment. Even if they are not perfect in their form and may require modifications whose only limit is your imagination, vintage pieces are well made.

💪 There you have it, now you know how to spot the best vintage pieces at the thrift store! Don’t have a thrift store around you to try out your new skills? CrushON gathers more than 1300 professional thrift stores directly online, so you can hunt for the rare pearl, from your couch! This way to hunt for nuggets 👇

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